2 new services offered by ACPI

Launch of jobimmersion.ca: A job search web site dedicated to french immersion professionnals

jobimmersion.ca, the latest project brought to you by the Canadian Association of Immersion Professionals (ACPI), is now online! This original job search portal, entirely dedicated to careers in French Immersion and French Second Language teaching in Canada, is considered one-of-a-kind to targeted, effective and inclusive recruitment.

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A Reflective Guide for French Immersion Leaders – A collection of essays on topics relevant to French immersion educators across Canada

By Gordon Campbell and colleagues

New resources for leaders and administrators! Do you want to push your immersion program to the next level? Engage discussion with school staff? Create a rich educational experience for all students? Reflect on issues pertinent to French immersion? A Facilitator’s Guide is included to assist with your reflections and action plans.

Start by reading the Introduction and Chapter 1. 

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Blog for administrators

Reflections on the Congrès annuel

In 2011 I made a motion at the AGA of the ACPIconference in Victoria that ACPI explore ways to support the principals and vice principals of Immersion schools, recognizing that many did not speak French but wanted to support the program, and that it was the principal who could set the culture of the school. From this unanimously supported motion began ACPI’s work to support leaders in the French Immersion program. A leadership group of FI school administrators was formed and we began to provide opportunities for FI administrators to learn more about working in the FI program, and provide opportunities for discussion and networking. Although controversial at first, ACPI offered some of the workshops in English, so that we could work with leaders in the program, those who make decisions about the program but didn’t speak French.

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