Gordon Campbell has worked in the immersion milieu since 1982. He won the ACPI André Obadia award in 2011 for his contribution to immersion education and the Excellence in Educational Administration award from the Manitoba government in 2012. Gordon Campbell travaille en immersion depuis 1982. En 2011, il a gagné le prix André Obadia de l'ACPI pour sa contribution à l'éducation en immersion et le prix d'excellence en administration scolaire du gouvernement du Manitoba en 2012.

Reflections on the Congrès annuel

In 2011 I made a motion at the AGA of the ACPIconference in Victoria that ACPI explore ways to support the principals and vice principals of Immersion schools, recognizing that many did not speak French but wanted to support the program, and that it was the principal who could set the culture of the school. […]