OTTAWA On February 5, 2017, the Globe & Mail published an article entitled “Quality of French-immersion teachers questioned as demand soars in Canada” by Caroline Alphonso.

The Canadian Association of Immersion Professionals (CAIP) recognizes that there is a great demand for French immersion teachers in Canada and that many school boards across the country do not have enough immersion teachers to meet the ever-increasing number of students in the program.

Collectively, we need to find solutions to meet the high demand for French immersion in Canada. Current actions, such as reorganizing schools to meet the demand for French immersion or limiting the number of registrations, are only short-term solutions. 

CAIP proposes three solutions to the shortage of French immersion teachers. First, governments at all levels and school boards must recognize the value of the profession of French immersion educators. Secondly, we need to fund university education faculties across Canada so that they can increase the number of spaces available to train and form new French immersion teachers. Thirdly, priority must be given for professional development opportunities in immersion pedagogy, and also in improving French linguistic skills.

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The cornerstone of French immersion in Canada, the Canadian Association of Immersion Professionals (CAIP) supports and enriches immersion pedagogy by offering educators professional development, research and networking services. In this way, CAIP plays an important role in promoting and developing a bilingual Canada.

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